You can submit your nominations to the New Commons Project in one of three ways: 1) film yourself, 2) fill out a quick form, or 3) have us film you.

1) Film yourself: upload a quick video (up to four minutes long) from your cellphone, laptop, or tablet (up to four minutes long). In the video, state your name, the town you are from, and the title and author of your work. Then, explain why the work is important to you and/or your community. You can upload this video here.*

2) Fill out a quick form: use our easy online submission form.

3) Have us film you: stop by 223 Merrill (the Digital Humanities Lab at the University of Maine at Farmington) during these times: 10am-1pm on Mondays; 10am-1pm on Wednesdays; 2-5pm on Thursdays; and 12-3pm on Fridays. We’ll film you with our equipment so you don’t have to worry about the technology!

*By uploading your file, you authorize the University of Maine System to use your name and nomination rationale in videos, websites, and other media. You must be at least 18 years old. You will receive no compensation. The University of Maine System will have complete ownership of these materials.)