John Coltrane, “Alabama”: Teaching Resources

Each semester, the University of Maine at Farmington hosts a course focused on the New Commons Project. In November 2018, students enrolled in this course researched, sequenced, and designed Spotify playlists focused on a specific social issue. (Educators can find this assignment and more on our Teaching page.) Here is one student’s playlist:

Female Empowerment From the 60’s to Today
Alison Hooper

From the 60’s to today, musicians have been releasing songs designed to inspire and encourage women to reach new heights and feel empowered. This playlist will cover anthems and hits from the past 60 years that contain the message of girl power in an attempt to create an uplifting and powerful listening experience for the female audience. This playlist has been curated in chronological order in an attempt to give the listener a look at how the music and themes have changed as we progress as a society. There are three very prominent themes to look for in this playlist: women celebrating women, women declaring independence, and women telling men to step up when it comes to how they view and treat women.