Kendrick Lamar, DAMN.: Teaching Resources

Each semester, the University of Maine at Farmington hosts a course focused on the New Commons Project. In January 2019, students enrolled in this course researched, sequenced, and designed Spotify playlists focused on a specific social issue. (Educators can find this assignment and more on our Teaching page.) Here is one student’s playlist:

Authentically Me: Black Women in the Music Sphere
Vanessa Brown

For my Spotify Playlist project, I dove into the world of music that I have been familiar with for the majority of my life and remains evolving as we speak: music created by BLACK WOMEN. Yes, black women for many centuries have been both exploited and oppressed in the music industry. However, their strides have been strong in the music sphere of the 21st century. In this playlist, there are five chapters that help explain the types of topics that black women in the 21st century have presented to the public: lust and sex; love and heartbreak; rage; unapologetic behavior and success; and, finally, self-image and identity. These chapters all encompass the heart, the mind, and soul of black women and their music.